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I telephone interviewed a writer for a position at  JENESIS Magazine, a local youth culture publication. When I asked if she had time to research us, and if she understood our editorial voice, she replied “Absolutely.”

We started to schedule an in person meeting. She didn’t recognize our neighborhood or the popular main artery where our office sits. When she embarrassingly asked what city we were in, her fate was sealed. How could you apply to write for a magazine with a local focus, but not know where it’s located? Turns out, she lived 6 hours away.

Do candidates research companies they apply to?

The quantity over quality application habits of new online job seekers fatigue employers and cause qualified candidates to miss out.

Right now, we’re looking for an administrative magician to manage our team so we can be more productive. 100 resumes in, buried underneath  generic cover letters, we’re sure many in this group know nothing about who we are or what we do.

Here’s where the sorcery comes in. These are some of the exact questions we’ll be asking at our interview.

Interview Questions

  • What draws you to this kind of work?
  • Talk to me about a high stress, high pressure situation you’ve been in professionally and the outcome.
  • Do you consider yourself a compulsive or impulsive?
  • Have you had experience with
    • Google Drive
    • Calendar Management
    • Meeting Scheduling with more than 5 people
    • Asana
    • WordPress
    • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Do you work better at night or during the day?
  • How do you like to communicate? (In person, e-mail, phone, text, IM or social media)
  • Tell me about one of your most ineffective bosses, what was their weakest trait and how did it affect you?
    • How did you overcome it?
  • Are you glued to your mobile device?
  • How much time a day do you spend on social media?
  • Do you have a drivers license?
  • Are you open to traveling?
  • Do you enjoy attending events?
  • Do you like to network and meet new people?
  • Did you read these questions beforehand on our blog?

Do you see where we’re going with this? If the candidate does due diligence, by checking our social networks or our blog, they will find this post, and have a clear competitive edge against other interviewees. We’ll let you know how it turns out.
Meantime, if you’re on the hunt for admin help, poach this list as you see fit and let us know what questions you like to ask.

As an employer, what do you expect a candidate to know about your business? Leave a comment below.

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